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British Columbians take great pride in their rivers and lakes - with good reason! Few places on earth can boast such a rich endowment of healthy, free-flowing fresh water - over 700 lakes and 1,000 rivers, streams and creeks!

Our lakes and gurgling waterways provide solitude and a relaxing respite from the rigours of everyday life, creating life-long memories of a wonderful vacation spent on Vancouver Island.

Parts of British Columbia remain wild and free, and many Vancouver Island lakes are inaccessible by road; fly-ins by float plane or helicopter will land you in breathtaking natural surroundings, away from cities and highways, where recreational fishing and angling challenges rate amongst the best in the world. Freshwater Lakes are everywhere on Vancouver Island - no town or settlement is far from a lake stocked with rainbow or cutthroat trout, rustic campsites or boat launch ramps. Gather the family, pack the fishing rods, secure the canoe and head off for an exciting day on the water.

Lakes on Vancouver Island and the BC Gulf Islands

North Vancouver Island
Alice Lake
Antler Lake
Anutz Lake
Atluck Lake
Beaver Lake
Benson Lake
Bonanza Lake
Georgie Lake
Hoomak Lake
Kains Lake
Kathleen Lake
Keogh Lake
Klaklakama Lake
Little Klaklakama Lake
Maynard Lake
Muchalat Lake
Mukwilla Lake
Nahwitti Lake
O'Connor Lake
Rooney Lake
Roselle Lake
Schoen Lake
Three Isle Lake
Tsiko Lake
Upana Lake
Vernon Lake
Victoria Lake
Wolfe Lake
Woss Lake
Central Vancouver Island
Amor Lake
Ash Lake
Battleship Lake
Beautiful Lake
Beavertail Lake
Blue Grouse Lake
Boomerang Lake
Boot Lake
Brannen Lake
Brewster Lake
Buttle Lake
Cameron Lake
Cedar Lake
Comox Lake
Croteau Lake
Darkis Lake
Dickson Lake
Diver Lake
Donner Lake
Drum Lake
Echo Lake
Elsie Lake
Farewell Lake
Forbidden Plateau Lakes
Gooseneck Lake
Gosling Lake
Grace Lake
Green Lake
Healy Lake (Panther Lake)
Helen Mackenzie Lake
Horne Lake
Johnston Lake
Junior Lake
Kunlin Lake
Kwai Lake
Labour Day Lake
Lady Lake
Long Lake
Loon Lake
Lower Campbell Lake
Lowry Lake
Lucid Lake
Maple Lake
Mariwood Lake
Martha Lake
McCreight Lake
McKenzie Lake
McLaughlin Lake
Middle Quinsam Lake
Moat Lake
Mohun Lake
Nanaimo Lakes
Nimnim Lake
Oshinow Lake
Patterson Lake
Pye Lake
Quinsam Lake
Regan Lake
Rhododendron Lake
Roberts Lake
Sayward Forest Lakes
Shelton Lake
Snakehead Lake
Spider Lake
Spirit Lake
Stella Lake
Stewart Lake
Tlowils Lake
Toy Lake
Turnbull Lake
Twin Lake
Upper Campbell Lake
Upper Quinsam Lake
Westwood Lake
Willemar Lake
Wolf Lake
South Vancouver Island
Bear Creek Reservoir
Chemainus Lake
Cowichan Lake
Crabapple Lake
Crystal Lake
Dougan Lake
Durrance Lake
Elk & Beaver Lakes
Fairy Lake
Fuller Lake
Glen Lake
Grassie Lake
Holden Lake
Kemp Lake
Langford Lake
Lizard Lake
Matheson Lake
Mayo Lake
McKay Lake
Mesachie Lake
Prior Lake
Prospect Lake
Quamichan Lake
Quennel Lake
Rheinhart Lake
Shawnigan Lake
Shields Lake
Silver Lake
Somenos Lakes
Spectacle Lake
Thetis Lake
Timberland Lake
Weeks Lake
Wild Deer Lake
Pacific Rim
Black Lake
Darlington Lake
Doran Lake
Father & Son Lake
Flora Lake
Francis Lake
Frederick Lake
Gracie Lake
Great Central Lake
Henry Lake
Kammat Lake
Kennedy Lake
Maggie Lake
Muriel Lake
Nahmint Lake
Nitinat Lake
Pachena Lakes
Rosseau Lake
Sarita Lake
Sproat Lake
Tuck Lake
Gulf & Discovery Islands
Cusheon Lake
St. Mary Lake
Stowell Lake
Weston Lake

Lakes in the Vancouver Coast & Mountains Region of BC

Sunshine Coast of BC
Black Lake
Carlson Lake
Cranberry Lake
Dodd Lake
Duck Lake
Emily Lake
Freda Lake
Garden Bay Lake
Goat Lake
Haslam Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Inland Lake
Ireland Lake
Katherine Lake
Khartoum Lake
Klein (Kline) Lake
Kokomo Lake
Lewis Lake
Lois Lake
Lyon Lake
Mackechnie Lake
Mixal Lake
Nanton Lake
North Lake
Paxton Lake
Powell Lake
Priest Lake
Ruby Lake
Sakinaw Lake
Sliammon Lake
Trout Lake
Unwin Lakes
Waugh Lake
West Lake
Windsor Lake
Wormy Lake

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