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Haida Gwaii

  • Totem Poles, Ninstints Village on Anthony Island, Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands), BC
    Skidegate Lake is the heart of a thriving industry for the harvest and export of Chanterelle mushrooms, primarily for the Japanese market. Mushrooms are an annual, if totally unpredictable, harvest on Haida Gwaii. They only grow in second-growth timber, requiring careful management of crown lands to the benefit of both loggers and mushroom pickers. With 60 to 70% of the harvest coming out of the Skidegate Lake and Mosquito Lake areas of Moresby Island, up to 200 pickers can be working in and around Skidegate Lake during August in a bumper crop year.
  • In June 2001, six new cedar totem poles - each 13 metres or higher, were pulled upright on the shores of Skidegate on the Queen Charlotte Islands, ancestral home of the Haida Nation. The new poles are the first to be raised here since 1978. They honour six major southern Haida villages, five of which were devastated by smallpox before the 20th century.

    Totem poles are wonderful examples of aboriginal art. The ancient practice of totem carving has been handed down through generations as a way of preserving the history of local native heritage as well as honouring tribal rituals and sacred spirits of people. There are many ways to experience the rich culture and native heritage of British Columbia's most fascinating people. For your own exploration of some of the best totem poles and aboriginal art in British Columbia, embark upon one of the many Circle Tours.

  • This string of islands is the ancestral home of the Haida, a nation legendary for its art. The Haida carve rare black argillite, found only on these islands, into miniature totem poles, jewelry, and boxes. A few artists' studios may be open for you to visit, or purchase the art at one of several gift shops, including the one at the Haida Gwaii Museum. Many visitors come to the islands to see the ancient villages on Moresby Island, accessible only by boat, and reservations are necessary, before you visit any of the protected sites.
  • Parks and Camping: There are two large parks in Haida Gwaii; Naikoon Provincial Park in the north, and the remote Gwaii Haanas National Park in the south. There are two campgrounds in Naikoon, two near Queen Charlotte City, and two in Rennell Sound. Moresby Island has campgrounds at Gray Bay, Sheldens Bay, Mosquito Lake, and Moresby Camp. There are no formal campgrounds in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site (managed by both the Government of Canada and the Council of the Haida Nation). Camping in Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands).

  • Mountain Peaks, Haida Gwaii, BC
    Beachcombing: When you stand on the west coast of the Haida Gwaii islands, nothing lies between you and Japan except the great expanse of the North Pacific Ocean. Currents from across the ocean kiss the shores of Haida Gwaii, washing up all kinds of interesting treasure.
  • Fishing is the most common sport in Haida Gwaii - the Queen Charlotte Islands - and fishing is exceptional year-round fishing. Anglers are drawn by the world-class salmon fishing, as the island archipelago is the first land mass on the migratory path of the Pacific chinook, coho, and chum salmon as they journey from the Arctic feeding grounds to their spawning grounds in the Pacific Northwest. Fishing guides abound, and luxurious fishing lodges, floating lodges and sportfishing motherships provide the ultimate fishing experience in this last frontier.
  • Canoeing and Kayaking: The entire cluster of islands has been circumnavigated by kayak, and is open to the seafaring explorer. The southeastern side of Haida Gwaii, rife with tiny islands, secluded coves, and lots of sheltered coastline, is the most popular kayaking destination. That said, Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve is by far the most popular kayaking playground, with such destinations as Hotspring Island, Burnaby Narrows, Windy Bay, Anthony Island (Ninstints), Tanu, All Alone Stone, Rose Harbour, St. James Island, Flatrock Island, Echo Harbour...the list goes on and on. You could spend months, even years, exploring the coasts of Gwaii Haanas, stopping to investigate the many onshore and inland attractions, and still not feel that you knew the place. But that's part of the magic and appeal of the Charlottes.
  • Hiking and Backpacking: There are four trails running through Naikoon Provincial Park, and hiking time ranges from a few hours to a few days. Many of the Forest Service recreational sites on Graham Island are located along beaches, with long stretches of open sand before your wandering feet. If level, sandy beaches aren't your cup of tea, try the Sleeping Beauty Trail, which leads up to the top of Mount Genevieve near Queen Charlotte City. It's not a long trail, but it is steep. Over on Moresby Island, The Gray Bay-Cumshewa Head Trail leads along the shoreline of Cumshewa Head, on the eastern points on Moresby.
  • Golf: Haida Gwaii, formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands, offers two golf courses; the par 69, 18-hole Dixon Entrance Golf & Country Club in Masset, and Willows Golf Course in Sandspit, a pulic 9-hole course carved through both exposed and forested terrain. Golf Vacations in British Columbia.
  • Wildlife: Haida Gwaii is rich in wildlife in the sky and sea, and on the ground. Many of the animals are native, but some - blacktail deer, elk, beavers, raccoons, and even wild cows in Naikoon Provincial Park - are introduced. Among the native species, expect to see black bears, and river otters, birds such as bald eagles, Steller's jays, and peregrine falcons, and all kinds of ocean creatures, from grey and killer whales to jellyfish and starfish. One of the best places to see the latter is in Burnaby Narrows on the east side of Moresby Island, accessible only by boat from Moresby camp. Visitors in this area can never be sure what manner of creature will show up - a gang of Dall's porpoises, numbering up to 300 strong, may escort you as you sail or paddle along in the southern section of Gwaii Haanas.

    Because the islands are situated along the Pacific flyway, dozens of species of migrating birds stop here in spring and fall, providing a fabulous opportunities for birdwatching. A good place to go is the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary near Masset, at the head of the Delkatla inlet. Sandhill cranes stop here in spring and fall on their migratory routes, and tundra swans stay for the winter. Dozens of other birds can be found here at different times of the year. Other common nesting spots for migrating birds are the Rose Spit and Tow Hill ecological reserves in Naikoon Provincial Park, and Yakoun River Estuary near Port Clements is also a good place for birding.

    No visit to Haida Gwaii will be complete without whale watching. Resident and transient killer whales can be viewed, and gray whales pass by the islands during spring as they migrate from their calving and wintering grounds in the lagoons of Baja California to their summer feeding grounds in the Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean. Humpback Whales can also be seen on the surface, engaging in spy-hopping, flipper-flapping, tail-slapping, and breaching.

  • Weather: The climate of the Islands is typical of British Columbia's outer west coast - cool and wet at virtually any time of year. May, June and July are generally the driest months. The rainy season can begin as early as mid-August. The east side of the islands is considerably drier than the west, which can receive 500-800 cm of rain a year. Sea fog can be a hazard. In summer, it occurs frequently along the west coast and throughout the Houston Stewart Channel area, but less frequently on the east coast. The moderating influence of the Pacific Ocean ensures that there are no extremes of temperature, summer or winter. Average annual temperature is 8 degrees Celsius (46 degrees F).

    Northwest and westerly winds prevail in summer and these can blow strongly for a lengthy period of time. These winds often funnel over the island and down the inlets of the east coast creating gusty local conditions that can be a hazard to kayakers. Storms associated with the passage of a frontal system hammer the Islands from the southeast and southwest. These occur frequently throughout the winter and are not uncommon in the summer months. There are no guarantees here, but in general, the best months for paddling are from mid-June through mid-August, October is the wettest. Along BC's west coast, much of the rhythm of travel is determined by the BC Ferries' schedule. Make sure you build enough time into your plans for the days you may be "weathered in" and unable to travel.

  • Tidal Range: In this part of the world there are two high and two low tides every 24 hours and 50 minutes. The tidal range on the east side of the islands is large, especially around the time of new moon and full moon, ranging from 4 to 8 metres (13 to 26 feet). It can make a vast difference to access to landing spots, to passage through certain areas and to choosing the best time to travel. Currents in the narrows can run up to 6 or 7 knots. These sea conditions are challenging to even the most experienced commercial boat captains. Mariners need to respect the powerful winter storms that pound the high-energy coastlines of Haida Gwaii.
  • See the best of BC when you embark upon one of the many Circle Tours that take in Vancouver Island, the Discovery Coast, the Sunshine Coast, the interior winelands or the remote Northern British Columbia. The coastal tours involve exciting rail, road and ferry trips, which is half the fun of travelling in British Columbia. Scenic highways flank the coast, taking you through charming beachside communities, rolling farmlands and majestic mountain ranges. Start your journey here and now, by selecting from one of the circle tours, designed to assist you in planning your journey by road through beautiful British Columbia.
  • Getting to Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands): There are only 120 kms of paved roads in the Haida Gwaii islands, and the cost of transporting your car on the ferry is high, so you could consider leaving your car behind and letting boats, foot, or taxi be your mode of transport.

    Paved Highway 16 serves the two main islands, running from Sandspit to Alliford Bay on Moresby Island, continuing from Skidegate to Masset and Old Masset on Graham Island (71 miles/113 kms). Alliford Bay and Skidegate are connected by a ferry across Skidegate Inlet. On the way the highway services Port Clements, Tlell and Queen Charlotte City, the navel of the Charlottes. The logging companies have extensive road systems, principally in the plateau areas from Juskatla to Moresby, with a private road connecting Juskatla with Port Clements. Across Skidegate Inlet on Moresby Island, a logging road runs 40 kms south from Alliford Bay to Moresby Camp, or via Sandspit and Gray Bay, the first 15 kilometres of which are paved.

    From Vancouver: The Charlottes are northwest of Vancouver, about 770 km by air. Year-round air service is available from Vancouver International Airport to Sandspit.

    From Prince Rupert: Take the six to eight-hour ferry crossing from Prince Rupert to the Skidegate Landing Ferry Terminal on Graham Island (93 miles/135 km). BC Ferries operates 6 round-trip sailings per week during the summer months, and 3 weekly round-trips in winter. Reservations are strongly recommended. A 20-minute ferry ride connects Graham and Moresby Islands and their communities. You can also fly from Prince Rupert to Sandspit on Moresby Island.

    Getting to Prince Rupert
    Drive the Yellowhead Highway 16 from Prince George to Prince Rupert
    Travel by VIA Rail to Prince Rupert
    Sail with BC Ferries to Prince Rupert, from Port Hardy, on Vancouver Island
    Alaska State Ferry to Prince Rupert from Alaska

    View a map of Map of Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands).
    View a map of Prince Rupert.

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The magnificent Clubhouse is situated on Langara Island's highest point, with a spectacular vista overlooking the ocean and surrounded by ancient rain forest and access to the best salmon fishing in the Pacific North West. Enjoy luxurious accommodations and comfort in the midst of this last frontier, designed to accommodate up to 38 guests, with cozy lounges and meeting areas. Great fishing packages and the world's best salmon fishing just ten minutes from our dock.
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The land-based Outpost resort represents the last wilderness frontier in the Pacific Northwest, situated among coastal rain forests and mountain streams in the heart of Graham Island's proposed ecological preserve. Fish for Salmon and Halibut within 15 minutes of the dock, or for Tuna 15 miles offshore, or go hiking, ocean kayaking or beachcombing, and enjoy nature in splendid isolation. The lodge is perfectly situated on the reaches of the west coast of Haida Gwaii and provides an experience like no other fishing lodge.
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