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The Slocan River originates from Slocan Lake near Valhalla Provincial Park in the Kootenays regions of British Columbia. The Slocan is 97 miles (155 km) long, flowing southwards along Highway 6 passed the communities of Slocan, Winlaw, and Passmore to join the Kootenay River near Shoreacres, midway between Castlegar and Nelson.

The Slocan River is a tributary of the Kootenay River and is therefore considered part of the Columbia River basin, along with the Kootenay River and the Columbia River.

The Slocan River is a small river, with occasional rapids, in a rural setting. Although none of the rapids is particularly difficult (nothing over Class III), experience in reading and running whitewater is definitely required. Paddlers should be adequately equipped, know their abilities and limitations, and reconnoitre unfamiliar territory.

Intermediate-level paddlers might want to get a taste of the Slocan River between Slocan and Crescent Valley, a Class II, 50-mile (80-km) trip that will take one long day. To shorten the trip, the Slocan River may be accessed at any of the bridges along Highway 6, particularly between Perry Siding and Slocan Park.

The most technical portion of the river (Class III) is just north of its confluence with the Kootenay River, a 3-mile (5-km) stretch between Crescent Valley and Shoreacres, a popular play spot for kayakers and canoers. Put in at Crescent Valley and take out at Shoreacres, just downstream of the railroad bridge. Allow one to three hours.

A good guide book to consult on paddling in the region is The Silvery Slocan Outdoors Guide

Nearest Town: Slocan, Winlaw, Passmore, Slocan Valley, Castlegar, Nelson

Nearest Lake: Slocan Lake

Nearest Parks: Valhalla Provincial Park, Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park

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