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Rafters on the Nahatlatch River
Tucked in between Harrison Lake and the Fraser Canyon is the Nahatlatch Lake and River system. The Nahatlatch River flows from a series of three lakes - Nahatlatch, Hannah, and Frances - 12 miles (20 km) upstream from the Nahatlatch Riverís confluence with the Fraser River.

To reach the Nahatlatch, turn west off Highway 1 at the main intersection in Boston Bar and drive downhill to the river. A bridge links Boston Bar with North Bend on the far shore. West Side Road leads 11 miles (18 km) upriver from North Bend to the Nahatlatch River Bridge. Short trails descend to the river on both sides of the bridge. If you explore the south side of Nahatlatch below the bridge, youíll find open spots for fishing and backwater pools for swimming. The lakes themselves lie beside the narrow Nahatlatch Lakes Forest Road that runs for 12.5 miles (20 km) west of the Nahatlatch River Bridge.

As the Nahatlatch Forest Road climbs above the Nahatlatch Canyon, youíll see groups of whitewater rafters tackling this very powerful river and its tremendous series of rapids. A series of 10 Forest Service recreation sites lies along this road, most having access to either the river or the lakes. There is a car-top boat launch on each lake. Most sites are suited to only one or two vehicles, so just keep driving until you reach an empty spot.

The Nahatlatch, Fraser, and Thompson Rivers are all justifiably well known for their riverrafting experiences. Of the three, the Fraser and Thompson are more prominent, though not necessarily more challenging than the Nahatlatch. In fact, the Nahatlatch provides more excitement in its varied run than either of the others. Both the Thompson and the Nahatlatch flow into the Fraser within a short distance of each other.

The season begins in May, once water levels become manageable. The later in summer you try the Nahatlatch, the better your chances of being able to run the narrow Nahatlatch Canyon, a Class IVĖV mind-altering experience. Although itís entirely possible to run these rivers unaccompanied, the majority of paddlers opt for the services of a certified guide, at least for the first time.

Canoeing around the waters of the three lakes in the Nahatlatch system is about as serene as you can get, with the sound of loons, the still surfaces of the water, and the view of Mount Maston (7,548 feet/2317 m) in the distance. Boat launches are located on the shores of each lake at Forest Service recreation sites on the Nahatlatch Forest Road. Itís possible to paddle between the three lakes in the course of a morning or afternoon excursion.

Nearest Towns: Spences Bridge, Lytton, Boston Bar

Nearest Lakes: Nahatlatch Lake, Hannah Lake, Frances Lake

Nearest Parks: Nahatlatch Provincial Park, Mehatl Creek Provincial Park

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