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The Bridge River originates near Bridge Glacier in the southern Coast Mountain Range, approximately 50 miles (80 km) northeast of Pemberton in British Columbia.

The Bridge River flows eastwards into Downtown Lake and Carpenter Lake before emerging to flow north then east into the Fraser River, 3 miles (5 km) north of the town of Lillooet.

Formerly a major tributary of the Fraser River, the flow of the Bridge River was almost entirely diverted by the Bridge River Power Project, which harnessed the power of the Bridge River by channelling the flow through Mission Mountain to the drainage basin of Seton Lake.

The crystalline blue water of the once-pristine Seton Lake was turned cold and opaque by the diverted milky-green glacial waters of the Bridge River. The project destroyed the entire Bridge River salmon run and caused tremendous damage to fish on both river systems.

There are many terrific rivers for whitewater paddlers to play in around Lillooet, and one of the very best is the Bridge River. Featuring Class III+, IV, and V water, with easy portages around the headiest sections, the Bridge demands that those who paddle here be advanced kayakers.

The put-in is at the confluence of the Yalakom and Bridge Rivers north of Lillooet, from where itís a 16-mile (26-km) ride to the Fraser River. The Bridge offers everything an expert paddler can hope to find: fast water, raging rapids, hair-raising drop-offs, and challenging technical stretches.

Nearest Towns: Lillooet, Gold Bridge, Gold Country, Sea to Sky Highway

Nearest Park: Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park

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